i’ve been looking for a job for awhile, and it is kinda frustrating, they all require experience i dont have, degrees i dont have or require to to stand a ton, which due to my being disabled i cant really do or i’ll be in a shitton of pain……


rob arnie and dawn

folks, i’m going to talk about a peice of shit poor excuse for a radio show called rob arnie and dawn.
with these 3 mental midgits, you have one who had a heart attack, one who tried to kill themselves, and one who is what we call a “radio hole”, because she sucks the fun out of the show.

yesterday, one day after the boston marathon bombings, these fucking loads that should have been swallowed had the fucking balls to make JOKES about what we all know is a TERRORIST ATTACK!

i’m all for free speech and for radio people keeping jobs when they do controversial stuff, but FUCK THAT SHIT NOW… this is a terrorist fucking attack and they want to make jokes! you guys hear any 9/11 jokes? HELL FUCKING NO. any pear harbor humor? FUCK NO…. fuck these guys and i hope they never get on the air again

the game bag introduction/first review

hello folks,

since i’m into boardgaming, i figure i’ll actually do some game reviews and stuff on the blog.

these will either be games i own or games i’ve played at the game day i go to every Saturday, and the first one will follow this text


first review: QUARRIORS


honestly, how can you NOT like a game that has 130 dice!!!! it’s a fun game, which i acquired last week. i have played it twice so far and have lost both times. even when losing, i have had a BLAST playing it, and i give this game a 10/10